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Your Guide To Cheap Classic Car Insurance

Compare Cheap Classic Car Insurance Online

Classic Car Insurance – How To Protect Your Precious Vehicle

Classic car owners are often extremely proud of their vehicle and typically spend lots of time and money making sure their cars can look their absolute best. When buying classic vehicle insurance,  owners typically enjoy a massive saving compared to non classic classic motors.

Does My Car Qualify?

To take advantage of the reduced classic vehicle insurance premiums your car only needs one requirement. It must be 25 years old or more to qualify for classic car insurance.  However we have noticed some variation by some insurers and their is no fixed scenario.

In terms of road tax.  According to the Uswitch webite, HM Revenue and Customs define your car as a classic if it’s value is greater than £15,000 and is 20 years old or more.  If in doubt give your insurer a call.

Other Advantages

On top of cheap classic car insurance depending on how old your car is; you could benefit from not having to pay for a tax disc and not having to get your car Mot’d. To get a nil qualified Tax disc your car would need to be manufactured on or before January 1976, see the website for further details. If your vehicle is this old then it’s typically classed as an historic vehicle.

If your car was manufactured before 1960 then you can also benefit from not having to MOT your car (visit the website for more information). Although it is recommended that you get your car inspected from time to time to check everything is working as it should and the car is in fact structurally sound.

Some of the more enthusiastic classic car owners, especially the ones that will normally turn up at conventions and motor shows don’t drive their car many miles at all during the course of the year and your estimated annual mileage should be taken into account when filling out the online classic car insurance form.  Remember that even if you only take your car out a few times in the year, such as on nice sunny days, that under the new laws called continuous insurance enforcement or CIE for short, it’s now a legal requirement to have your classic car insurance active at all times.  The only scenario when this is not the case is detailed below.

If your classic motor doesn’t get driven at all because it’s a show piece or because it’s being repaired or restored then you won’t be taking it on to the public road at all.  In this case you would need to apply for a Statutory Off Road Notification.  Once you have this, your classic car insurance and road tax will no longer be a mandatory requirement.

Can I Save Money On Insurance?

This is probably the most important factor for a lot of people and understandably so.  When searching the web you will see many providers that specialise in classic vehicle insurance.  Because of this many people think that they are naturally going to get some kind of secret special rate reserved only for this special elite and this is typically when many of the insurers will spout in their literature.  However it is worth mentioning that many of the mainstream insurers also cater for classic cars and I you may be pleasantly surprised to find they they could even be cheaper than these specialists classic vehicle insurance providers.  One of the best ways to find out if you could save money is to use one of the classic car insurance comparison services available, such as the excellent comparison service provided by Seopa by clicking here.

To sum it up, their is no singular answer to how much it will cost but from our research at the time of writing your likely to pay less than any modern day counterparts for your classic motor insurance, due to the reasons mentioned at the beginning of this article.  For additional information on the reasons why you can view this excellent article provided by the This Is Money website.

Is The Cover The Same?

For the most part your going to get a relatively similar cover for a classic vehicle insurance as you would for a standard car when insuring comprehensibly.   Their are however some important factors that you need to be made aware of.

With many specialist classic car insurance providers their is usually a 7500 mile limit put in place.  Using the comparison service provided by Seopa on this website, you can enter whatever mileage you estimate you will cover during the year.  If you think your going to exceed your mileage limitation for whatever reason then get back to your insurer to see if you can amend this limitation.

Hiring your car out to others for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays will require you to get additional cover. This is due to you effectively using your car for commercial use.  Most policies don’t include hire and reward as standard, so you will need to check this if needed.

You need to make sure you have the valuation correct and confirmed with the classic motor insurance provider that your going with.  You may know the true value of

Typical Car Requiring Classic Car Insurance

Typical Car Requiring Classic Car Insurance

your vehicle better than any classic vehicle insurance provider.  To help you confirm the true value of your vehicle and to  help make sure that you don’t just get paid a standard market value in the event of a claim, we highly recommend you get a recognised industry expert to validate the true value of your vehicle.  Yes it will cost you but it may very well be worth it to ensure you get paid out correctly, in the event of a claim.

Be sure to review the value of your vehicle every year and also don’t accept the quote your existing ensurer gives you for the following years classic car insurance.  Instead come back here and get a new comparison done with the Seopa car insurance comparison service every single year to ensure you get the very best quote you can.  Just be sure to follow up with any new insurer to make sure they understand your cars true value and cover you for that value.

You also need to be aware that for a typical classic car insurance policy you won’t be building up any no claims discount due to you usually paying a flat rate for your cover.  Be sure to check with your prospective insurer for clarification in this area, as many the policies compared using the Seopa Comparison service on this site, are not technically classic car specific and might give you a no claims discount, particularly if you use the car on a regular basis.

If you go to enthusiast events and rallies you will need to check to make sure your covered for this.  Make sure that your covered if you decide to take your car overseas.  Many companies will just tag on this as an extra if it’s not included in your policy as standard.

Classic Car insurance – Summary Of What To Check For

The following is an easy list of the points mentioned above, that you my want to clarify with your insurer before you commit to purchase:

While the above is not an exhaustive list don’t be afraid of opening your mouth if something is niggling away at you and you want the reassurance of your classic car insurance provider confirming that your covered.

Pay close attention to your policy details and your policy booklet provided.  Followup with your insurer if something is omitted that you expected to see.

What If I’m A Young Driver?

Most of the time when people think of classic cars you would usually think that only an older driver might want to drive one.  However it could be good news for you if you are young and are considering purchasing a car with classic status.  In our research at the time of writing we have seen certain classic cars come in up to £200 cheaper than a modern low powered equivalent ( for example when comparing a 1977 Mini Clubman with the modern day BMW Mini Clubman equivalent) .  While this will vary from car to car, and individual circumstances you could be pleasantly surprised by what classic car insurance quotes you receive.

Our advice would be to check the classic vehicle insurance price of a prospective car before purchasing the vehicle itself.  Use the form supplied by Seopa on our site, to see if you can get cheap classic car insurance for young drivers.  This way you will have the knowledge upfront of the sort of price you will be paying for your classic vehicle insurance should you decide to go ahead with the purchase.  This will enable you to better manage your overall motoring budget, which is a major factor for lots of young drivers.

Additional Advice

Many of the aspects of classic car insurance that could be seen to bring down your cost are the same as for standard cars and additional tips can be found on our Very Cheap Car Insurance home page.

As an additional resource you may want to check out this site which specialises in classic cars, including classic cars that are currently listed for sale, which could provide additional helpful insight when researching classic car insurance.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our guide, if you have a classic car or your considering purchasing a certain classic car that you’ve had your eye on.  Why not compare quotes and see if you could save big on your classic car insurance!


Do You Need Business Car Insurance?

Compare Business Car Insurance Online Fast

If your self employed and your work often requires you to travel whilst conducting your business activities, then you will require business car insurance cover.  Their are a lot of people that think their is not too much difference between standard and business car insurance.  However, that’s certainly not the case.  While in most cases the additional cost can be minimal, ensuring that you have this cover when going about your business activities means the difference between you driving legally or illegally.  More importantly if something should happen and you do need to make a claim, then you need to ensure you have a quality motor insurance policy active for carrying out your business related duties.

Business Car Insurance Explained

When you purchase a traditional car insurance policy the vast majority of people would be looking for Social, domestic and pleasure, which would cover people for their everyday leisure & domestic

Man Who Uses Business Car Insurance

activities, such as visiting family and friends and doing your shopping etc.  People who are in employment will usually tag on to that, commuting to work cover and many insurance comparison engines have that as an option that is easily selectable on their insurance form.

You will have to give your annual business mileage coverage when selecting this option, as well as all the other mileage you will cover with the social domestic and pleasure portion of your car use.

Another scenario in which you may need cover, is when your employed by a company and they regularly send you out to different locations to carry out your employment duties.  You will have to check with your employer on this to see whether their company wide insurance covers you in this regard.  If not, then speak to your current insurer to see if you need to add business car insurance cover.  

When the time comes to renew you policy and you know your employer’s business motor insurance doesn’t cover you for business travel use, then be sure to select business use when its presented to you when using an online form, or if you decide to renew your cover using the telephone.

Why The Higher Premiums?

You will notice an increase in your premiums when you add business car insurance.  One of the reason’s for this is due to the naturally increased mileage that your doing.  Not only are you covering more miles than you otherwise would be for standard cover, but; your also typically covering more miles during busy periods and very often driving on unfamiliar roads to boot.  This makes the chances of having some form of mishap far greater which therefore puts you  at higher risk which results in you paying the increased business car insurance premiums.

When you select business motor insurance, on top of the usual questions about your place of residence, age and car details etc; you will have to give some details about the business that your involved with, which usually entails selecting the industry you work in and your position or job title within that industry.  

Always disclose your full details, don’t try to cover up anything in an effort to bring down your business motor insurance, as this will only lead to you not being legally covered when your driving your car.  This could result in any insurance claim being denied and depending on the nature of the claim, could involve prosecution, especially if a third party is involved or a spot check by the police ask you to hand in your insurance details.

Is It The Same As Commercial Car Insurance?

The short answer to that question is no.  Commercial car insurance generally covers you if you use your car for commercial purposes such as delivering parcels or a taxi service.  These are more specialised insurances and differ from business car insurance, as they very often require you to take some additional form of insurance such as public liability, or goods in transit insurance, depending on the nature of the commercial use.

Cheap Car Insurance For Business Use – What About Company Cars?

What we have been talking about above is cars that are owned or leased by yourself.  When it comes to company cars that you have access to, then the company providing the car will usually cover you.  Check with the company to make sure you have adequate business car insurance before taking the vehicle out.

How Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance For Business Use?

One of the absolute best ways of getting cheap car insurance for business use is to us one of the insurance comparison forms, such as the one available to you through Very Cheap Car Insurance.  For many the costs of running a business is high enough already, so you will be looking to get the cheapest business car insurance policy you can find to help bring your costs down.

Business motor insurance will vary wildly depending on the level of cover your looking for, annual mileage and car type and performance will play a large factor in how cheap you manage to get your policy for.  As with any motor insurance you will benefit greatly from a clean driving record, so try to avoid making claims on your business car insurance unless you absolutely have to.  Also keep on the right side of the law and avoid getting points on your license.

When comparing business motor insurance policies make a note of whats included as standard and what’s included as an optional extra.  You might make a saving if you look further down the comparison chart, for example; if you want something like legal cover included in your policy.  A more expensive business car insurance provider may include this as standard, along with other interesting extras like free car hire while your car is being repaired after an accident.  This could result in an overall cheaper policy than the one at the top of the chart if you decide you want these extras included.

I hope this article has been of great help to you.  If you have more questions you might find this business insurance forum very useful for more information on business car insurance.  For now why not take a look at what these 100 insurers can do to help you get cheap car insurance for business use.

Can You Still Get Cheap Car Insurance For Women?

Compare Cheap Car Insurance For Women Online

Well you can still get cheap car insurance for women. But unfortunately it won’t be any cheaper than your male counterparts. This is due to the EU Gender Directive aka “The European Ruling On Gender”.

Although the ruling was introduced in 2011, insurers had until 21st December 2012 to implement the new rules on pricing.

Before this ruling was brought into existence you could still get economical ladies motor insurance in that you would typically pay less than a man of the same age and circumstances would.  Sometimes as much as 50% cheaper!

The main reason for this is that women are statistically safer drivers, whilst men tend to drive more aggressively particularly in their early driving years. Though we shouldn’t over generalise, their are always the exceptions to the rule, but this is how motor insurers would see the situation.

The research conclusion is as a result of a study of black box recorders placed in the vehicles of 19,000 drivers which were used to examine over 40 million journeys and 154 million miles of travel over four years and concluding in 2012.

With 50% men and 50% women. The study was carried out by car monitoring company Wunelli, which performs an analysis of  black boxes utilised by some insurance organisations to set insurance pricing.

This study found females drive 28 per cent less at night than males, they drive beyond speed limits 12 per cent less and brake hard 11 per cent less

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – How Much More Will It Cost?

According to a Study provided by AA Insurance; due to the new EU non-discrimination ruling, young ladies insurance would typically find themselves paying £400 more than they would have, had you been of the same age and circumstances before December 2012.

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – What can you do?

Well you can do all the standard methods of trying to bring down the cost of your cheap car insurance for women. You would benefit from any No Claims Discount you can generate.  If you can stay claim free for your first year, you can expect to see as much as 30% knocked off your womens car insurance premiums.  If your a younger driver, you could make a good saving by having an electronic tracking box put in your car, that would monitor your driving style.  Visit our young driver page for more details.

She Has Found Cheap car Insurance For Women

So in terms of general cheap car insurance for women then how can you do more to bring down the cost of your insurance premium.  One of the best ways is to lower your annual mileage, you would then enter this lower mileage on your comparison form.  This has one of the more dramatic effects on lowering your womens car insurance costs due to the reduced risk from driving fewer miles.

Some of the other factors that ladies cheap car insurance providers take in to account are, where you live and how much your car is likely to attract the attention of criminals wishing to steal or vandalise it.  With that being said if you were to park your car off the road in a private driveway or better still in a secure locked garage it’s likely to have a positive effect on your womens car insurance premiums.  Fitting additional security devices over and above what comes factory  fitted as standard can also have an effect on dragging the cost of your womens car insurance down.  Speak to your motor insurer or do your own research, using one of the online forms available to see if it makes a difference with your vehicle.

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – Points To Consider At The Time Of Renewal:

  1. Don’t leave it too late – You can usually get an additional discount if you try to get an insurance quote about 2 weeks in advance of your womens car insurance becoming due.
  2. Don’t accept your insurers renewal quote – Instead use the comparison engine provided by Seopa to the very cheap car insurance website, to help you find a great quote.  With this tool you will get the chance to compare over 100 insurance providers to help you find excellent cheap car insurance for women.
  3. Make sure your well covered – Even if you choose fully comprehensive womens car insurance, you need to make sure you have a certain level of cover included in your insurance that you were hoping to get.   Just a few of the options would be  legal assistance, windscreen cover and breakdown cover.  Weigh up the options as only you can decide the level of cover that is right for you.  Be sure to look further down the chart than the absolute cheapest quoted price.  An insurer further down may have these extras in with the womens car insurance price as standard, which may work out cheaper than adding them as optional extras with the cheapest womens car insurer at the top of the results chart.

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – Positive Aspects

Most of us are typically better off when buying insurance whether female or male.  the exception to this would be female young drivers where they have seen premiums rise by as much as 30% due to the EU gender directive.  However the rest of us can typically enjoy our car insurance being on average around £180 lower per year according to the AA.  This change in womens motor insurance costs have only been seen since 2012 when the 2012 Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act which drastically reduced the legal fees that could be charged by claims management companies and put a big restriction on the No Win No Fee claims which have encouraged the sharp growth in compensation claims.

So to conclude.  Why not take a look at just how much you can save on your quest to find cheap car insurance for women by trying out the quick and easy comparison form on our site, where you can compare 100 womens car insurance providers in one go.



How To Get Cheap Over 50s Car Insurance

Compare Over 50s Car Insurance Providers

Over 50s Car Insurance – Something To Look Forward To?

Well, you’ve hit 50 and are probably wondering if anything is going to get better in the years ahead.

Think again!

 Your over 50s car insurance premiums are certainly going to be lower. Usually, Car Insurance for over 50s is very cheap.  This is due to your experience behind the wheel and more relaxed driving style than your ‘younger’ counterparts. Insurance companies know that you’re less likely to have an accident once you’ve reached this milestone. In fact, car insurance usually continues to come down, providing you stay claim free up until you’re 70-years-old. At this point, it can start rising again, as slower reaction times while driving start to become a factor for many.

Man Getting Cheap Over 50s Car Insurance

There are many insurance companies, such as the ones you’ll find on this site that relish insuring older drivers, because there’s less risk involved.  That’s why they’ll usually give you an insurance premium far better than any you’ve had before. You can access many over 50s motor insurance policies that are dedicated to your age group. What you shouldn’t do when your over 50s car insurance becomes due for renewal, is accept a quote from your existing insurer and expect them to be loyal to you and offer a good deal. That’s simply not the case. Typically, your existing insurer will give you quite a high premium the second or third time around, banking on you having a “can’t be bothered attitude” to finding alternative insurance. Don’t give them the satisfaction of making more money from you. Take a look at over 50s motor insurance comparison forms, such as the excellent one featured on ‘Very Cheap Car Insurance’ and be prepared to potentially make a massive saving on your next over 50s car insurance policy.

Over 50s Car Insurance – Additional factors that could help drive your car insurance costs down even further:

  1. Review your annual mileage. One way to do this is to have a look at your MOT certificates and compare one mileage figure against the other. If you have a few of these, you’ll have a better understanding of the sort of mileage you’re doing per year. You might be surprised just how low your annual mileage actually is. Better than comparing the mileage figures on your MOT certificates would be to record your own annual mileage from one point in the year up to the same date the following year. Allow for a bit extra or make adjustments if you expect to have a long distance driving holiday.
  2. Fitting certain types of insurance approved security devices can sometimes bring down the car insurance for over 50s, but make sure you check with your insurer or potential insurer to see if it actually makes any difference, at all. Having your car parked in a driveway or secure garage usually brings your insurance premiums down. Often, the above factors can have an amplified effect, especially if you live in a particularly high crime rate area.
  3. If you’ve already retired, then obviously you no longer need to add the commuting aspect to your over 50s motor insurance.  Be sure to let your existing insurers know or enter it in an online car insurance form.  When you’re looking for alternative cover it usually results in a lower price to your over 50s car insurance premiums.
  4. Try to avoid paying a monthly premium, particularly if you can afford to pay the full price upfront. Usually, insurers will add a bit extra on top should you go for a monthly plan. Be sure to weigh up the extra cost over the monthly instalments period, when you compare it to the upfront cost.

Over 50s Car Insurance – What About Optional Extras?

To sum up, if you’re someone that’s actively seeking over 50s car insurance, then weigh up your options and make the most of your significant driving experience to help you decide which level of cover to go for.

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Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Compare Cheap Motor Insurance For Young Drivers Online

Can you still get cheap car insurance for young drivers?

You hear many reports of car insurance prices costing several thousand pounds and often costing more than the car itself.  According to research by the AA, 25% of all the drivers up to age 25 are involved in a serious collision. The statistics are very clear, in that the number and size of the insurance claims made by young drivers is far higher.  One of the reasons for the higher claims comes down to driving at excessive speed. When an accident does happen, the damage is usually far worse to both of the cars and to all the other cars involved. As well as the higher risk bracket reason, new drivers also pay huge amounts typically because they haven’t had chance to build up a decent no claims discount.  This all adds up to not very affordable car insurance for young drivers.  Don’t be disheartened, for all is not lost.

Girl Getting Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Some of many factors that can influence the issue of whether you can get affordable car insurance for young drivers are the car type, its security, where it’s kept overnight, the area that you live, your annual mileage and the car’s value.

The problem for insurance providers is very real unfortunately. Some of the research done by the AA shows the 1/8th of the number of British drivers are now under 25.

The 2 key methods you need to consider when bringing down the cost of your cheap motor insurance for young drivers are as follows. The first method is the cost of the actual insurance itself and the process of finding the cheapest car insurance out there by searching through as many cheap car insurance for young drivers providers as possible. Car insurance comparison sites can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend in this area. The comparison service that you will find on this site is both well renowned and offers some great, cheap cheap car insurance for young drivers around.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Simple methods you can implement

Cheap Motor Insurance For Young Drivers –  Build up your no-claims discount

If you can stay claim free for up to 5 years you can get a massive 70% no claims discount from companies such as Co-op insurance, on your next cheap motor insurance for young drivers policy. Also you can protect your no claims discount by paying a small premium which would entitle you to make a claim once or twice a year and not lose any of your no claims discount.

Affordable Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Decide on your cover

  1. Third Party only is the most basic and only covers you for damage to another person and any property they have.
  2. Next comes Third Party Fire & Theft which is basically a step up from third party only.  By adding fire and theft cover, your car will be covered in the event it should catch fire or get stolen.
  3. Fully comprehensive is as it sounds, the top type of cover. With this you will cover yourself and damage to your own car and belongings.

Always check to see what exactly your covered for in case you need to add any extras to your cheap motor insurance for young drivers.

Affordable Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Spreading The cost

Maybe you can manage the insurance cost more easily if you can spread the cost over 12 months. Beware though, you may have to pay an extra cost by paying it over 12 months and this will vary from one insurer to another but could result in not so cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Affordable Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Using Your Parents Policy

You might be able to make a saving by being an additional driver on your parents insurance. Or someone else who is prepared to share the risk with you. This will usually lower your cost. It’s advisable not to put someone else down as the main driver in an attempt to lower the costs still further as this is called fronting and is a form of fraud.

I hope we’ve been of some help to you in your quest to find affordable car insurance for young drivers in the UK. A fantastic place to look would be by using our special affordable car insurance for young drivers insurance comparison form which compare’s 100 insurers to help you find the best quote possible.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Go ahead give it a try and above all else. When your on the road, keep yourself safe!

Cheap Motor Insurance For Young Drivers