Get Your Classic Cars Rolling For The National Classic Car Day

Friday 4th April 2014 has been declared a national Classic Car day by the well know TV and radio presenter Chris Evans. Chris he is not only famous for his radio and TV achievements but also famous for his love of cars particularly the classic car variety and he has quite a collection. Chris Evans […]

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New Commercial Promo Video Added To Our You Tube Channel

We’ve just added a new You Tube commercial promotional video and thought you might like to check it out. We here at Very Cheap Car insurance are petrol heads, plus big fans of driving exciting cars in general and hope that you will go and visit our You Tube channel and maybe add a like […]

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New Intro For Our Website Videos

  New Branded Video For Very Cheap Car Insurance Checkout our new video we have just had produced as an introduction for our informational video series which can be found on You Tube and other well known Tube sites. Hope you like it:  

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Your Guide To Cheap Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance – How To Protect Your Precious Vehicle Classic car owners are often extremely proud of their vehicle and typically spend lots of time and money making sure their cars can look their absolute best. When buying classic vehicle insurance,  owners typically enjoy a massive saving compared to non classic classic motors. Does […]

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Do You Need Business Car Insurance?

If your self employed and your work often requires you to travel whilst conducting your business activities, then you will require business car insurance cover.  Their are a lot of people that think their is not too much difference between standard and business car insurance.  However, that’s certainly not the case.  While in most cases […]

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Can You Still Get Cheap Car Insurance For Women?

Well you can still get cheap car insurance for women. But unfortunately it won’t be any cheaper than your male counterparts. This is due to the EU Gender Directive aka “The European Ruling On Gender”. Although the ruling was introduced in 2011, insurers had until 21st December 2012 to implement the new rules on pricing. […]

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How To Get Cheap Over 50s Car Insurance

Over 50s Car Insurance – Something To Look Forward To? Well, you’ve hit 50 and are probably wondering if anything is going to get better in the years ahead. Think again!  Your over 50s car insurance premiums are certainly going to be lower. Usually, Car Insurance for over 50s is very cheap.  This is due to […]

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Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Can you still get cheap car insurance for young drivers? You hear many reports of car insurance prices costing several thousand pounds and often costing more than the car itself.  According to research by the AA, 25% of all the drivers up to age 25 are involved in a serious collision. The statistics are very clear, in […]

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How To Get Cheap Modified Car Insurance

If your in to modifying your own car then your going to need modified car insurance to make sure your legally covered on the road.   Modifying your car can be fun and an excellent hobby to boot, not to mention if you can get good at it, you can make a pretty good living from […]

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Made some fab savings. Thanks a bunch!!!

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Love the quirky design. Very easy to navigate and understand.

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This site makes a pleasant change to the mainstream comparison providers!!

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" Nice looking site. Very easy to navigate. "

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