Can You Still Get Cheap Car Insurance For Women?

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Well you can still get cheap car insurance for women. But unfortunately it won’t be any cheaper than your male counterparts. This is due to the EU Gender Directive aka “The European Ruling On Gender”.

Although the ruling was introduced in 2011, insurers had until 21st December 2012 to implement the new rules on pricing.

Before this ruling was brought into existence you could still get economical ladies motor insurance in that you would typically pay less than a man of the same age and circumstances would.  Sometimes as much as 50% cheaper!

The main reason for this is that women are statistically safer drivers, whilst men tend to drive more aggressively particularly in their early driving years. Though we shouldn’t over generalise, their are always the exceptions to the rule, but this is how motor insurers would see the situation.

The research conclusion is as a result of a study of black box recorders placed in the vehicles of 19,000 drivers which were used to examine over 40 million journeys and 154 million miles of travel over four years and concluding in 2012.

With 50% men and 50% women. The study was carried out by car monitoring company Wunelli, which performs an analysis of  black boxes utilised by some insurance organisations to set insurance pricing.

This study found females drive 28 per cent less at night than males, they drive beyond speed limits 12 per cent less and brake hard 11 per cent less

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – How Much More Will It Cost?

According to a Study provided by AA Insurance; due to the new EU non-discrimination ruling, young ladies insurance would typically find themselves paying £400 more than they would have, had you been of the same age and circumstances before December 2012.

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – What can you do?

Well you can do all the standard methods of trying to bring down the cost of your cheap car insurance for women. You would benefit from any No Claims Discount you can generate.  If you can stay claim free for your first year, you can expect to see as much as 30% knocked off your womens car insurance premiums.  If your a younger driver, you could make a good saving by having an electronic tracking box put in your car, that would monitor your driving style.  Visit our young driver page for more details.

She Has Found Cheap car Insurance For Women

So in terms of general cheap car insurance for women then how can you do more to bring down the cost of your insurance premium.  One of the best ways is to lower your annual mileage, you would then enter this lower mileage on your comparison form.  This has one of the more dramatic effects on lowering your womens car insurance costs due to the reduced risk from driving fewer miles.

Some of the other factors that ladies cheap car insurance providers take in to account are, where you live and how much your car is likely to attract the attention of criminals wishing to steal or vandalise it.  With that being said if you were to park your car off the road in a private driveway or better still in a secure locked garage it’s likely to have a positive effect on your womens car insurance premiums.  Fitting additional security devices over and above what comes factory  fitted as standard can also have an effect on dragging the cost of your womens car insurance down.  Speak to your motor insurer or do your own research, using one of the online forms available to see if it makes a difference with your vehicle.

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – Points To Consider At The Time Of Renewal:

  1. Don’t leave it too late – You can usually get an additional discount if you try to get an insurance quote about 2 weeks in advance of your womens car insurance becoming due.
  2. Don’t accept your insurers renewal quote – Instead use the comparison engine provided by Seopa to the very cheap car insurance website, to help you find a great quote.  With this tool you will get the chance to compare over 100 insurance providers to help you find excellent cheap car insurance for women.
  3. Make sure your well covered – Even if you choose fully comprehensive womens car insurance, you need to make sure you have a certain level of cover included in your insurance that you were hoping to get.   Just a few of the options would be  legal assistance, windscreen cover and breakdown cover.  Weigh up the options as only you can decide the level of cover that is right for you.  Be sure to look further down the chart than the absolute cheapest quoted price.  An insurer further down may have these extras in with the womens car insurance price as standard, which may work out cheaper than adding them as optional extras with the cheapest womens car insurer at the top of the results chart.

Cheap Car Insurance For Women – Positive Aspects

Most of us are typically better off when buying insurance whether female or male.  the exception to this would be female young drivers where they have seen premiums rise by as much as 30% due to the EU gender directive.  However the rest of us can typically enjoy our car insurance being on average around £180 lower per year according to the AA.  This change in womens motor insurance costs have only been seen since 2012 when the 2012 Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act which drastically reduced the legal fees that could be charged by claims management companies and put a big restriction on the No Win No Fee claims which have encouraged the sharp growth in compensation claims.

So to conclude.  Why not take a look at just how much you can save on your quest to find cheap car insurance for women by trying out the quick and easy comparison form on our site, where you can compare 100 womens car insurance providers in one go.